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There aren't really many frequently asked questions about this site, but here is what I THINK you may ask:

Why doesn't the site always work? or Why is the site sometimes down?

This shouldn't happen anymore. If it's still happening, make sure you are using

I typed _____ in a search engine and got your site, but you don't have what I was looking for. Do you know where I can find it?

Maybe. Here are the search engine hits that I have logged for this website:

-"7 Days" "Frank Parker" DVD from Google
To my knowledge there is no 7 Days DVD. However if one becomes available, I would love to hear about it, so email me at tomt64 AT users DOT sf DOT net. There IS a soundtrack however, I found it on Amazon once but didn't buy it.

-The Phantom Menace trainer from Google or Yahoo
This one is frequently requested on engines. I understand, the game is HARD. That's why I spent 7 hours one night learning how to hack games just so I could make a trainer for it. So I made one, found on the Files page.

-Final Fantasy VIII how to get work in xp from Google
I know this is an issue and I know where you can find the answers. Qhimm's Forums page has these answers in there somewhere, I know I saw it.

-+"Triple Triad" +cards +buy from Google
These cards are very rare and were only released in Europe in English form. The borders are different. If you want to play Triple Triad, Qhimm has created Triple Triad Gold which is an exceptionally well done rendition of the game. I, along with some others, am currently working on a client to client version of this. If you think that's cool and can offer help, email me at tomt64 AT users DOT sf DOT net.

-winv2 source from Google
Doesn't exist. Vecna has released WinV2 as a courtesy to Windows NT/2000/XP users but NOT the source code. He claims this causes an unrelenting release of derivative works (like VERGE 2.0, 2.5, 2k+j, 2k+i, etc) all claiming to be VERGE (my words not his but just an interpretation of his reasoning). However, andy has created derivative VERGEs that even work in Linux! And they're good too. Unfortunately these seem to be offline.

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