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Here are my project ideas. These are things I would like to do or see done in the near future. Contact me if you want to do any of these things, or you know of an already exising project (completed or not) that fits the criteria.

Star Trek: CCG (Customizable Card Game) network program:
I would like to see a computer program based on the Star Trek: CCG game, FOR FREE, that allows you to play online with other people. Also I would like it to have a 1 player mode with a tutorial, to help beginners learn the game, perhaps before they start buying cards, so they can understand the finer points of the game sooner. This game goes a lot faster when you know what you're doing.

OpenZelda/Z3Clone Original Quest:
For the program OpenZelda/Z3Clone, an engine clone of the Zelda 3 (Link to the Past) game, I would much like to see a full clone of the original quest from the real game. Naturally, some engine features would need to improve to adapt to all the real game's features, so this is a good idea to have the base engine capable of at least the full real game quest.

Stars! Real-time Network client:
For the game Stars!, I would like to see a realtime network client that works independently of any one host, holding all the files from every player in some location on everyone's disk who is connected, and allow the turn to be generated and distributed to each player who is connected, and every player who is not connected gets their turn when they are connected. Rules can be set to force generate, and also the client itself can create the game with a random host file password in order to prevent any one player from knowing the host password and force generating (or there could be some checking as to the year of the host file, and other file mismatches that are only due to cheating).

Triple Triad and Quad Mist/Tetramaster clone:
Qhimm has a great Triple Triad Clone (single player), but NO ONE has a Tetramaster/Quad Mist clone that is single player. I'd like to see one, and hopefully see a program that includes both games, perhaps even incorporating some other mini-games from the Final Fantasy series, and also perhaps using an FF6 style interaction for network play and chat.

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