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What's New with ScDAP:

ScDAP 1.2 bug - TomT64 - 5/25/2000 @ 17:01 CT

It appears that version 1.2 has a bug. When you use a unit with a Max No. of Hits greater than 1, and that attacks with a lot of units and the one unit you attack should be taken out in one hit, all the info at the bottom is reported incorrectly. If you see at the bottom that the damage to shields or HP is more than the shields or HP of the target, you may assume that the unit being attacked got beaten badly 8>). If you see this happen when the max No. of Hits is 1, let me know because that is a different bug. This will be fixed in the next release.

ScDAP 1.2 released - TomT64 - 08/12/99 @ 22:42 CT

1.2 is released. The only file offered is an update from the previous versions. It says Update from 1.1, but if you installed any of the others, this should be fine. Go to the Download section to get it!

New Features in 1.2:

  • Scout (Air Shots) Hits Per Attack were reported incorrectly. It should be 2, not 1

    ScDAP 1.1 released - TomT64 - 07/08/99 @ 02:15 CT

    1.1 is released. Uninstall 1.0 FINAL first. Go to the Download section to get it!

    New Features in 1.1:
  • Fixed two small errors

    Update - TomT64 - 07/06/99 @ 16:47 CT

    Looks like there is another error in ScDAP. Go to the Known errors/planned fixes section to see. For future version info, go to the Future Releases section. Also, you can move the scroll bar up to see the different menu categories and go to each one to get that info. Someone also asked for a ZIP version. If you have the rquired DLLs, the next version will be available for download without them, with them, and they will be on the side too. The version numbers will be listed as well.

    Small Error - TomT64 - 07/05/99 @ 17:31 CT

    Looks like there is an error in ScDAP. It works, but The Dragoon is supposed to have an Explosive damage type instead of Normal. Thanks to Caleb for this error report. For now, when you calculate with the Dragoon as an attacker, switch right back to "*Custom" and switch the damage type to "Explosive"

    BTW, if YOU find any errors in the program, please E-mail the error to me.

    Download Section

    FAQ - TomT64 - 07/05/99 @ 01:51 CT

    Click to see the FAQ.

    Features - TomT64 - 07/05/99 @ 02:21 CT

    Just thought I'd add in the features, ALL OF THEM.

    Features in ScDAP v1.0 FINAL:
  • All current Terran, Zerg, and Protoss unit presets
  • All current Terran, Zerg, and Protoss building presets, including buildings that attack
  • Quantity attackers, so you can enter in more than one attacker of the same type.
  • Ability to enter in your own values if you have special heroes.
  • Full Setup so you don't have to download the required DLLs seperate
  • Calculates "Max Hits"
  • If a figure is not correct, or your "hero" is close to one of the unit's stats, just pick that unit, then switch back to "*Custom". The values will still be there and you can change them.

    1.0 FINAL released - TomT64 - 07/03/99 @ 12:24 CT

    The 1.0 FINAL Version is released!!!! I recommend you delete BETA 4 as it is no longer supported nor will you need it. Go to the Download section to get it!

    New Features in FINAL:
  • Building Presets and a slight change in content of the program

    BETA 4 released - TomT64 - 07/02/99 @ 01:10 CT

    BETA 4 is released. I know I said the next one would be final but I had to release this one right away. I recommend you delete BETA 3 as it is no longer supported nor will you need it. I will release the final when I finish with the building presets. Go to the Download section to get it!

    New Features in BETA 4:
  • Fixed the eternal problem of Multiple hits, but it was very difficult. Starcraft goes by Max Hits so the unit could hit once twice or three times if the max hits is 3. The Hits to Destroy that comes up should be really close to the actual figures. Oh yeah, and there is just a small oversight, I forgot to add hit presets. For now the values are for Valkyrie air 8, Firebat 3, Zealot 2, Goliath air 2. Everyone else is 1.

    More plans - TomT64 - 05/02/99 @ 23:50 CT

    Well as soon as I find my source code among the ruins of my room, I'll be able to start writing more. The next release will be the final version for 1.0. After that comes 2.0, which is already in the works. The best part of this? No DLLs will be required! YAY! Anyway, check back here for more updates. Also, check the News Page to see what else is happenning with this page.

    Future Release plans - TomT64 - 02/24/99 @ 14:43 CT

    I recently recieved this e-mail from Mick Florey describing what he thinks should be in upcoming releases...

    If you want to improve it (very good as it is). How about these for suggestions, maybe future!?:

    1. Add building attack units, eg. cannons, turrets, spores, etc.
    2. Add building in the defence section, eg. how many hits to kill supply depot/ command centre?! etc.
    3. There is no consideration of time or 'cool' time. This is difficult, maybe 'how long to kill unit' would be a good extra info box?!

    Actually, all of these items are already being considered. The third suggestion, however, is a LONG way off.

    BETA 3 released - TomT64 - 02/23/99 @ 23:45 CT

    BETA 3 is released. I recommend you delete BETA 2 as it is no longer supported nor will you need it.

    New Features in BETA 3:
  • Zerg presets
  • Optimized code for less download than it would be
  • If a figure is not correct, or your hero is close to one of the unit's stats, just pick that unit, then switch back to "*Custom". The values will still be there.

    ScDAP's own page! - TomT64 - 02/23/99 @ 17:20 CT

    Well now the program has it's own page! Scroll down to download the necessities.

    Download ScDAP:

    ScDAP v1.2 (297 KB, update from previous versions)
    The required DLLs ZIPPED (583 KB)
    The required DLLs in a Win32 Self Extractor (613 KB)
    The required DLLs in a DOS Self Extractor (598 KB)
    MFC42.DLL Version should say 6.00.8447.0
    MSVCRT.DLL Version should say 6.00.8397.0
    If you have trouble overwriting, just do it in DOS mode using the COPY command.


    ScDAP v1.0 BETA 2
    ScDAP v1.0 BETA 3
    ScDAP v1.0 BETA 4
    ScDAP v1.0 FINAL Setup (877 KB, includes required DLLs)
    ScDAP v1.1 Setup (877 KB, includes required DLLs)
    ScDAP v1.1 Setup (297 KB, does not include required DLLs)

    Future Releases:

    In the far future...

  • Unit vs. Unit (e.g. which would die first)
  • Rate of Fire variable and other stuff to tell how long it will take to kill a unit, not just how many hits.
  • Healing by other units and regeneration will be taken into account

    Known Errors and Planned fixes:

  • When the Max No. of Hits is greater than 1, and the unit(s) attacking take out the shields, HP, or entire unit in one hit, the bottom information is reported incorrectly. This will be fixed in the next release.

    If this program doesn't work, don't fret, e-mail me and tell me the problem IN DETAIL so I can fix it in the next release. You should also e-mail any suggestions you have.


  • Q: What is ScDAP?
  • A: ScDAP is short for Starcraft Damage Algorithm Program. It calculates How many hits it would take to kill one unit or building with 1 or more of the same unit or attacking building. It also states how much damage would be done per hit, in HP and Shields.
  • Q: Haven't I seen this before?
  • A: You might have. Shortly after I created this program, picked up on it, then all of the other SC sites followed. Then someone else (quite a few people actually) stole the idea and wrote thier own programs. This is the original. BETA 2 was the first public release.
  • Q: Where'd you get the idea?
  • A: Easy. When I first started programming I was into programming anything that had a little math in it. I found the Algorithm in detailed form on a website and put it into a program for DOS. Realizing that DOS was not heavily used, I gave up until I got Visual C++. I quickly learned how to redisign this DOS program into a Windows one. Now it not only looks better, but it has more math in it than the original algorithm.
  • Q: What doesn't this program do?
  • A: It does not interact with Starcraft in any way. It is strictly a math and algorithm calculation program. It does not take into account rate of fire, healing by other units or buildings, regeneration, or micromanagement. It is possible to calculate these (except micromanagement and shield regeneration by the shield battery) but they will take far more work. They will be released in version 2.0.
  • Q: Why is this site so incomplete?
  • A: Because only I and one other person are really doing anything for it. I have to work most of the time and I can't always write for the site. I need help. To help, go over to the Join Us page.

    Contact Information:

    TomT64's e-mail.

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