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December 18, 2001
- Site Suspension
October 23, 2001
- New Subsite
November 1, 2001
- New Ideal Quanta Engine
January 17, 2001
- Even More on Ideal Quanta
November 11, 2000
- Short Story Sector Open
- 7 New Poems Added
September 19, 2000
- Several New Poems Added
- Not Available

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Zeux Guide (VERGE Game)
Realm of the White Dragon
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We are The Spatial Infinity. Our goal is to provide you with the best source of computer and gaming related info, with some other stuff on the side.
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HEADLINES for December 18, 2001
Site Suspension - TomT64 @ 15:02 PST
Due to a large lack of interest in this site (I read the hits) I am suspending the site until further notice. I don't have time to upkeep it but I will still be here. My eail has changed back to All of my previous emails, if leading elsewhere, should be ignored. I'm out of the game for a little while but I hope to bring this site a more useful approach, even if it doesn't involve games or programming. Everything is still here, and should be used if it's what you're looking for. I have some trainers and some other useful stuff scattered throughout this site and my Old site, as well as some helpful stuff for some games (to start you along) and some stuff for programming games using VERGE or Ika. Just look around. Poems are here too, under my name TomT64 and some other names. So this could be considered a personal website I guess, but it was not intended that way. If I get offers for help I may start it sooner than expected. I would need at least 3 people to team up who will help me make a game and/or programming website. It has been my dream to program games for a long time but I cannot pursue that as a full time career anymore. I want to help other learn, and make it my hobby, if not my hobby-job. So anyone interested just email me. I'd be happy to start this site up again with the proper amount of people to help out.
Oh yeah, I moved all the old news cluttering this page here.

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