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  • UPDATE - October 31, 2001

    I know what I promised but now it looks like I can't do anything until early December. See ya then!


    Hello, and welcome to the VERGE Tutorial Site, subsite of The Spatial Infinity. VERGE is a Role Playing Game Creation Engine. It is one of the first, if not THE first.

    This site is designed to help ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS get started using VERGE. Right now only VERGE 2 (DOS) tutorials are up. If you are in need of these tutorials, enjoy! If not, refer your VERGE-virgin friends!


  • V2 FUNDAMENTALS: A tutorial for the absolute beginner - This is the first VERGE 2 tutorial, one that is designed for the absolute beginner. This lets you know everything you need to start from scratch, with downloads.
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  • V2 MAPED: The Map Editor for VERGE 2 (DOS) - This is the second VERGE 2 tutorial, which discusses the uses of MAPED and steps you through creating a map. You will learn everything about maps in this tutorial.
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  • V2 CHRS: Character File Editing - This is the third VERGE 2 tutorial, which discusses how to create CHR (Character) files.
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  • Coding: The Fundamentals - This is the fourth VERGE 2 tutorial. It discusses how to write code for the absolute beginner. This is the last VERGE 2 beginner tutorial.

  • More Maped - This tutorial dicusses how to create zones in Maped, and how to make these zones execute commands in the game. It also dicusses how to switch a character between maps, and map placement.

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